PaymentsJournal | January 15, 2020 —

The Architecture of an Attack: NuData Breaks Down Account Takeover Attacks

Looking back at the holiday season, merchants faced a timeless struggle: stopping fraudsters. While dealing with fraud is a challenge year-round, the holiday season makes it even more difficult.

A common fraud vector used by criminals year around is account takeover. This is when the fraudster gains access to a user’s account, often by using stolen login information or through a brute strength bot attack. In either case, once a criminal gains access to an account, they’re able to steal more personal information, money, and goods.

To learn more about the types of account takeover attacks and how companies can fight back, PaymentsJournal sat down with Robert Capps, VP of Market Innovation at NuData, and Mercator Advisory Group’s Tim Sloane.

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