Find Biometrics: Aite Highlights NuData as Leader Behavioral Analytics

June 25, 2015 — Find Biometrics: Aite Highlights NuData as Leader Behavioral Analytics

Find Biometric covered the latest Aite report that focuses on the behavioural biometric tools banks are reaching for to fight fraud, in particular NuData as a leader in that technology.

Aite Group, a market research firm specializing in the financial services sector, has released a new report on digital fraud mitigation. In it, research director Julie Conroy finds that there is a growing place for behavioral analytics systems such as the one offered by NuData Security.

The research was conducted this past spring and involved interviews with 26 fraud specialists working with 19 financial institutions in North America. It found that while 79 percent of the banks involved said they plan to increase spending on anti-fraud measures for online and mobile banking, less and less of that investment will be going to knowledge-based authentication systems; over half of the banks said their use of such systems is expected to decline over the next couple of years. Instead, many of the banks are looking to more technologically sophisticated solutions, with six of the banks suggesting they’ll adopt biometric authentication, and various behavioral analytics systems seeing the potential for strong growth in the sector.

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