2021 H1: Fraud risk at a glance

Consumers made it clear they don’t want to leave the convenience of online interactions behind. But as a new world of hybrid online/offline interactions begins to emerge, so do new threats and [...]

2021: Consumer and risk trends report

Long gone are the days when companies could prioritize fraud prevention above all else. As online traffic continues to grow, so do users’ expectations for streamlined, personalized online [...]

2020 H2: Fraud risk at a glance

Complex scripts, hybrid attacks, and increasing unpredictability: nudata analysts tell all in the H2 2020 fraud report. Leveraging nudata intelligence, this report explores the acceleration of [...]

2020 Aite report: Trends in ATO fraud

This Impact Report traces the trajectory of ATO tactics from their origins to their most recent manifestation and places an emphasis on the characteristics and implications of the latest trends [...]

Javelin report: The new criminal toolbox

The sophisticated criminal economy is in full bloom. Individuals getting started in fraud rarely need to build their own tools. They simply reuse existing software to steal data and spoof or [...]

Do consumers trust online payments?

Whether they realize it or not, merchants are on the hook for keeping their customer’s transactional data secure. In this study, in collaboration with nudata, PYMNTS surveyed 2,368 U.S. consumers [...]

Paladin vendor report 2021

A non-biased compilation of fraud prevention solution providers to help you determine who aligns best with your company’s fraud-prevention goals. The report includes an overview of how nudata [...]