new account fraud

New Account Fraud

When you prevent fraud before it happens

New account fraud, also known as application fraud or online account origination fraud is when a bad actor creates a fake account. This fake account can be used to receive credit or goods (credit application fraud, trial fraud) or make purchases with stolen credit cards, to name a few of the dangers of this hack.

New Account Fraud

The billions of personal records on the dark web are an endless resource for new account fraud. This type of attack uses bits and pieces of a real identity, making it harder for companies to prevent it. How can you tell if new users are legitimate when it’s the first time you see them? Through our four layers, NuData evaluates if the user is behaving as a good user or as a machine. We flag high-risk accounts in real time so you can close them now and prevent fraud tomorrow.

How does this help you?

  • Prevent future fraud
  • Avoid fraudulent transactions
  • Save in operational costs