Loyalty Fraud

When you monitor any change during an online session.

Loyalty fraud, also known as reward fraud or points fraud, is when a bad actor uses the victim’s loyalty-related  (points, miles…) for their own profit. This type of fraud doesn’t trigger a credit card event and can take longer for customers to discover it.

Loyalty Fraud

Fraud can happen anytime during an authenticated session. A shipping address change, a password reset, or a reward points transaction are some fraudulent actions that can cost companies millions of dollars. NuData is continuously monitoring the user’s behavior across the entire session so you can keep a close eye on all your environment and prevent loyalty fraud. NuData will detect anomalous behavior and provide you with the tools you need to block it in real time.

How does this help you?

  • Prevent reward points fraud
  • Protect your business across all placements
  • Avoid fraudulent activity