PYMTS TV Matt Nesto and Dave Senci

Merchants Get Real To Stop Fake Human Fraud Attacks

PYMTS TV Matt Nesto and Dave SenciPYMTS | June 14, 2021 – Fraud hasn’t only increased in amount, but it has gotten smarter, more sophisticated and harder to spot. Businesses should also get more sophisticated. They need to take a broader look at their transactions to learn how to spot this new, emerging face of fraud. “A human-driven attack isn’t as obvious as a basic large-scale attack,” says Dave Senci, Vice President of Product Development at NuData Security. “It’s a low and slow attack that is

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3 ways to avoid online travel scams after covid

Booking a vacation for the first time in a while? 3 tips to avoiding online travel scams after COVID

3 ways to avoid online travel scams after covidYou’re fully vaccinated and you feel good to travel. It’s a big moment — the moment you’ve waited for throughout the entire pandemic. In your excitement, you check your email and stumble across a deal that looks too good to be true. But hey, the travel industry is looking to make money after barely anyone went on vacation last year, right? It’s probably not that weird. So you book it. The next day you get a call from your bank

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