SC Magazine: Top Six Spookiest Malware for Halloween

October 27, 2017 — Top Six Spookiest Malware for Halloween NuData’s Don Duncan chimes in on SC’s piece about some of the spookiest malware security professionals have encountered. 5. CCleaner Don Duncan (NuData) Customer Success Engineer “The stuff was already preinstalled on ‘haunted hardware’ when the customer purchased it. The one thing that caught my attention was that it was shipped with new hardware. By the way, I was one of those effected having just bought a new Android device.

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SC Magazine: Alive and Kickin’

October 2, 2017 — Alive and Kickin’ Robert Capps, VP at NuData, contributes with his expert comments on this article covering the health of ransomware and what that means in today’s cybersecurity world. “There’s a natural technical evolution in ransomware that’s underway, driven by the success and failures of recent mass-scale campaigns to hold users ransom,” says Robert Capps, authentication strategist, vice president, NuData Security. “With so many organizations all anteing up in Bitcoin simultaneously, the perpetrators struggled to collect

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Hacker motivation

What Drives Hackers? (Part 1)

Hacker motivationWhat Drives Hackers? (Part 1) What are the payoffs for hackers to join the game and what are their favorite tools? 2016 was a year of major breaches. The list of target companies and organizations is long, including the IRS, US Dept. of Justice, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dropbox, Yahoo, Adult FriendFinder, Zoosk, Cisco, and the biggest breach in history – Yahoo with its one billion user accounts. A year where Internet security was tested again and again. So, what motivates hackers

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