MRC Vegas Aria Resort

5 things I learned at MRC Vegas 2018

MRC Vegas Aria ResortMRC Vegas 2018 from a non-technical person’s perspective. As a marketer, it’s sometimes challenging to understand tech people when they are blabbering about technology. To avoid this, my boss sent me to MRC Vegas 2018. “Go and learn little padawan,” she said – or that’s how it sounded in my head. Once at the Aria hotel, where MRC is held, I met dozens of merchants suffering attacks of all shapes and forms. They all had one thing in common: they

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Mobile Fraud Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days – don’t let mobile fraud take it away

Mobile Fraud Cyber MondayMobile traffic is growing and so are the attacks targeting smartphones. Based on the 2016 Adobe Digital Insights Holiday Recap report, last year Cyber Monday generated $3.5 billion dollars in the US, most of which came from desktop transactions. The online traffic also increased by 155%, making it the biggest day in the history of US eCommerce. The mobile channel is also gaining momentum at a similar pace. Last year 41% of all Cyber Monday traffic came from smartphones, the

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