A hacker saving some cents

How Hackers Can Pull a Data Breach Without Dropping a Cent

A hacker saving some centsFree tools, tutorials, easy-to-run software, and, if that wasn’t enough, there is also Shodan; an engine to find devices connected to the internet in real time. All these tools are a big pot cybercriminals use to stir up a tank of trouble. They are winding up the internet giving even the most talented of white hats a run for their money. Five countries – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and the U.S. – have already warned that everyone from individual

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secured data in server

Hacks, Cyberattacks, and Data Breaches, Oh My

secured data in server2018 is not over and yet the number of data breaches is already off the charts – 2,300 data breaches have been disclosed this year, exposing over 2.6 billion records. Just last week was it reported that Shanghai police are investigating one of the largest data leaks on the mainland that may have affected around 130 million customers of Huazhu Hotels Group. Huazhu reported the data breach on August 28th after finding a post on a dark web forum about

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A barista

Your barista can teach you a thing or two about online security

A baristaWhile grabbing my morning coffee, my server gave me a cybersecurity lesson we can all learn from. Millions of people all over the world rely on coffee for a functioning work day. This is, to say the least, stating the obvious. People’s accepted addiction to coffee is the subject of a multi-billion-dollar industry. Trust in your coffee shop On the face of it, this has very little to do with online security – another industry that millions of people and

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