nudata has been named 2023 Global InfoSec Awards Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year for the second year in a row!
nudata named 2023 Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year!

nudata Analyst Report

2021: Consumer and risk trends report

2021 Report

Long gone are the days when companies could prioritize fraud prevention above all else. As online traffic continues to grow, so do users’ expectations for streamlined, personalized online experiences. The good news is that by focusing on improving the user experience, companies can also identify and mitigate attacks.

In our 2021: Consumer and Risk Trends report, nudata analysts collected insights from the billions of interactions we monitored and scored daily within the Mastercard trust network. Here’s what we discovered:

  • User experience is king: Users demand to be treated with the trust they deserve.
  • Sophisticated attacks are a daily threat: Standard bot detection tools are no longer going to cut it.
  • Quality of stolen credentials is down: New users are not falling for the same old tricks, but the danger remains.

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