Future of Fraud

The future of fraud detection, pt. 1

The key to defeating fraud is to give you the power to confidently answer this fundamental question: “Is this person really who they say they are?”

That’s precisely what User Behavior Analytics (UBA) does, and that’s why it’s the future of fraud prevention.

Once a cutting-edge technology, UBA has now entered the mainstream, with some of the largest companies in the world using this technology to secure their websites from fraud, brand attacks, account takeovers and bad behavior from their user communities, leveraging the unparalleled accuracy, scalability and speed that Behavioral Analytics provides.

The goal of our data scientists, engineers and developers is to create a product that predicts fraud and malicious behavior earlier, faster and more accurately than any other solution in the world. We have ground rules to ensure that our product, NuDetect:

  1. Respects the users’ Personally Identifying Information, or PII;
  2. Is completely invisible to and has zero impact on the end user; and
  3. Can’t be copied, spoofed or impersonated.

We’ve determined that the most effective way to achieve these goals while also preventing fraud is by leveraging User Behavioral Analytics.

Observable biometric behaviors are invisible, don’t require the storage of any PII and take in more data points (from typing speed and the angle the device is held all the way to geo-location) than ever before. Our complex behavior model distinguishes the customers from the bad actors.

In a recent research paper, Gartner analyst Avivah Litan recommended UBA as the answer to detect fraud and rapidly detect bad actors based on behavior. She offered up NuData Security’s verified success in using UBA to detect and stop mass attacks, including use cases from two of our clients.

It’s continual positive testimonies like this that give us confidence that our innovations of today will become the standards of tomorrow.

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