AWS Cloud Data In Reach

Your AWS S3 data could be up for grabs – How to prevent a Ghostwriter attack

Misconfigured Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 buckets allow unauthenticated writes to perform man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Skyhigh Networks researchers have found a fundamental gap on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) that make users vulnerable to what they have named GhostWriter attacks. AWS provides a service called Simple Storage Service (or S3) that organizations worldwide use as a storage for their data. The finding reveals that Amazon S3 buckets are misconfigured to allow public write access, enabling a malicious third party to

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Phishing Disguised Dog

Cyber Monday and the phishing disguise that will fool your customers

How hackers virtually pose as a recognizable brand to steal from your company and your customers. Users are the weak link We all think fraud is not going to happen to us; we know better than to enter personal information on the wrong site, right? But when it comes to phishing we have to tip our hats to the hackers and their remarkable photoshopping skills for faking emails and sites that look so genuine. Yes, perhaps we could tell a

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Mobile Fraud Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days – don’t let mobile fraud take it away

Mobile traffic is growing and so are the attacks targeting smartphones. Based on the 2016 Adobe Digital Insights Holiday Recap report, last year Cyber Monday generated $3.5 billion dollars in the US, most of which came from desktop transactions. The online traffic also increased by 155%, making it the biggest day in the history of US eCommerce. The mobile channel is also gaining momentum at a similar pace. Last year 41% of all Cyber Monday traffic came from smartphones, the

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Financial institutions at Reuters Plaza

Silence – The Trojan That Has Hit Ten Major Banks And Counting

This new Trojan strain records all the activity on the victim’s computer. We are starting November on the wrong foot after the discovery of Silence, a new Trojan that has already attacked ten banks, most of them in Russia and some in Malaysia and Armenia. There is not much information about the organization behind the crime, but experts say they are Russian-speaking. How it works The Silence Trojan requires an already-compromised bank infrastructure in order to be deployed. Through that compromised

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hacker at work

Five Tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Quick tips to stay ahead of the fraud curve. We know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month but looking at all the breaches revealed during the last four weeks we might as well call it National Cyber Defrauded Month. This year, among the many brands that made the headlines we have Bell, Instagram, and Yahoo. These companies have something in common, and it is not the size: they all store customer data. So, if you think you are off

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