Account Takeover Defined ATO

Account takeover defined

What is Account Takeover? Account takeover is a fast-growing form of identity theft. An account takeover (or ATO) is the malicious access of an online account, by a fraudster or bad actor, posing as a genuine customer, gaining control of an account, and making unauthorized transactions. Why is this important? If you’re a financial institution or an eCommerce company, it is extremely important that you protect the brand image that you’ve worked so hard to build. If you’re a financial

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Does your kid have 100k in debt – child identity fraud

Does my two-year-old have $100k in debt? – Stealing minors’ identities

Yes, they have cute innocent faces and can’t even spell their name, but they could be accumulating thousands of dollars in debt.   Happy 18th, kid – BTW, you could be bankrupt In 2017 a total of one million kids were victims of identity fraud according to the 2018 Child Identity Fraud Study by Javelin Strategy & Research. Data breaches are providing more than enough data to steal an identity, but that information is only valuable until the owner finds

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