NuData CNP awards photo

NuData: Ambition + Foresight = Winning Combination

Each day, an increasing number of people use online services to shop and bank, divulging confidential information. Unfortunately, each day the majority of consumers are also vulnerable to account breaches and identity theft.

NuData Security was founded with this knowledge and a passionate ambition to prevent cybercrime. But it takes much more than ambition; it takes innovation, research and a whole lot of foresight.

This month we were pleased to add two fantastic accolades to our brag wall. In 2016, we were honored to receive the CardNotPresent (CNP) 2016 Judges Choice Award for Best Antifraud Solution. Last week, we were presented the CNP 2017 Customer Choice Award for Best Identity Verification/Authentication Solution.

This achievement certainly didn’t occur in a bubble. It takes great colleagues united by a great leader who shares their vision and know-how. That’s why we were surprised/not surprised that last week NuData Security co-founder Michel Giasson was named the third most likeable CEO in Vancouver, BC. According to the Vancouver Sun, Michel’s score was 85.2/100, whereas the national average is 68.3.

Earlier this month, we brought home the Staples Innovation Award (thank you Staples!) and Cyber Defence magazine named our product, NuDetect, 2017’s Best Biometrics Product.

But we can’t rest on our laurels. Every day we collect and analyze millions of transactions and amass in our Trust Consortium. In 2016, we analyzed 80 billion behavioral events. Each interaction – mixed with that innovation and foresight – improves our offering and enhances the aggregated intelligence for our clients. And we aren’t stopping there!

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