Marriott Hotel breach

The Marriott Breach is Not Only a Marriott Problem

While the news focuses on the consequences of the Marriott breach, the damage goes beyond their chain; it spreads across all industries like wildfire. We continue to see the travel and hospitality industry as a prime target for bad actors. While we don’t yet know exactly how the Starwood systems were compromised, we do know that bad actors look to obtain valuable actionable data. Because of this, the travel and hospitality industry are ideal as they collect data from many

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Cyber Monday offer

Cyber Monday: Most Attractive Offers You Will Ever See

With Cyber Monday fast approaching, bad actors are fine-tuning their tactics to take advantage of merchants and consumers across the globe. 90% off, buy one get five free, last-minute trip to Madagascar for $200… When a deal is too good to be true it normally is. This is how cybercrminals are luring consumers these days into providing their credentials, payment details and, the best of cases, into buying counterfeit goods. As consumers spend more time and money shopping online, these

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Behavioral biometrics brain exploding

Behavioral Biometrics: A Brain That Keeps on Growing

Technology that learns from your online traffic can evolve faster than off-the-shelf solutions, feeding a powerful brain that can think beyond right or wrong. We often hear questions around our passive biometrics tool – one of our four layers – such as: How long do we need to wait until a behavioral biometrics tool can build a user profile? Can I verify my users by their behavior from day one? How are you going to stop new fake users right

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A hacker saving some cents

How Hackers Can Pull a Data Breach Without Dropping a Cent

Free tools, tutorials, easy-to-run software, and, if that wasn’t enough, there is also Shodan; an engine to find devices connected to the internet in real time. All these tools are a big pot cybercriminals use to stir up a tank of trouble. They are winding up the internet giving even the most talented of white hats a run for their money. Five countries – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and the U.S. – have already warned that everyone from individual

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Suspicious dog disguised for Halloween

Why Halloween Scams are Going to Target Millennials This Year

Millennials are known for their tech-savviness and also for their busy way of life that leaves them little time to check where they click. Although millennials may not be doing much trick-or-treating during Halloween, there are still several scares that they’ll need to keep an eye on. High on the list of frightening facts is how this generation – my generation, that is, no point in pretending this doesn’t apply to me – deals with cybersecurity. It turns out that

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