Does your kid have 100k in debt – child identity fraud

Does my two-year-old have $100k in debt? – Stealing minor’s identities

Yes, they have cute innocent faces and can’t even spell their name, but they could be accumulating thousands of dollars in debt.   Happy 18th, kid – BTW, you could be bankrupt In 2017 a total of one million kids were victims of identity fraud according to the 2018 Child Identity Fraud Study by Javelin Strategy & Research. Data breaches are providing more than enough data to steal an identity, but that information is only valuable until the owner finds

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Dear Banks: It’s Time to Take Mobile Fraud (More) Seriously

Mobile fraud is already more than half of the average high-risk traffic according to NuData analysts. Earlier this week, security firm Positive Technologies released its annual report that looks at vulnerabilities in financial applications. Interestingly, the number of vulnerabilities discovered has fallen, which means banking apps and websites are getting safer. But, despite this encouraging trend, security shortcomings remain a menace for banks and clients with two thirds of online banking systems still containing at least one critical vulnerability. The

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I’m a Small Business; Why Would a Million-Dollar Fraud Ring Bother Targeting Me?

If you are a small business and have asked this question before, we’d like to shed some light on the actual risk small businesses are exposed to. According to the Verizon report, in 2017 there were 53,000 incidents – security events that compromise the integrity, confidentiality or availability of data – and 2,216 confirmed data breaches. Among those, 58% targeted small businesses. That’s more than half.   Why bother, you ask? Truth is small businesses are as targeted or more

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