John hearty making an effort to pose

From Philosophy Theorist to Data Science Manager; Introducing John Hearty

“Studying alone wasn’t going to cut it; the employers you really want to work for look for people who’ve gone out and do something alongside their studies”. I was one of those kids that has too many questions, so at my high school it was generally agreed that Philosophy was a good fit for me. Employability was not a factor in my decision making then! I studied Philosophy at Nottingham. Undergraduate Philosophy study was pretty much 3 years of learning

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woman buying online with smart interface emv 3ds and behavioral biometrics

Why should you need a security tool on top of EMV 3DS?

Julie Conroy, research director at Aite Group said it best “A technology that authenticates the end user in parallel with authorization, can save organizational costs and increase transaction approval rates for merchants.” This article summarizes our conversations during our EMV 3DS webinar with NuData and Mastercard experts. Full disclosure: yes, we offer a product that combines EMV 3DS with behavioral biometrics technology, so you can expect that we will recommend using a tool in addition to EMV 3DS, but we

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Marriott Hotel breach

The Marriott Breach is Not Only a Marriott Problem

While the news focuses on the consequences of the Marriott breach, the damage goes beyond their chain; it spreads across all industries like wildfire. We continue to see the travel and hospitality industry as a prime target for bad actors. While we don’t yet know exactly how the Starwood systems were compromised, we do know that bad actors look to obtain valuable actionable data. Because of this, the travel and hospitality industry are ideal as they collect data from many

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Cyber Monday offer

Cyber Monday: Most Attractive Offers You Will Ever See

With Cyber Monday fast approaching, bad actors are fine-tuning their tactics to take advantage of merchants and consumers across the globe. 90% off, buy one get five free, last-minute trip to Madagascar for $200… When a deal is too good to be true it normally is. This is how cybercrminals are luring consumers these days into providing their credentials, payment details and, the best of cases, into buying counterfeit goods. As consumers spend more time and money shopping online, these

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Behavioral biometrics brain exploding

Behavioral Biometrics: A Brain That Keeps on Growing

Technology that learns from your online traffic can evolve faster than off-the-shelf solutions, feeding a powerful brain that can think beyond right or wrong. We often hear questions around our passive biometrics tool – one of our four layers – such as: How long do we need to wait until a behavioral biometrics tool can build a user profile? Can I verify my users by their behavior from day one? How are you going to stop new fake users right

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