Success Story 2

Success Stories

Application and Checkout Fraud
An American-based parent company to many global online travel brands operating in 60 countries.

Customer Type
Enterprise – Ecommerce

Customer Challenge

Customer needed to update their entire risk platform to protect against online fraud (account takeover and fraudulent account creation and transactions). A solution that would not add unnecessary friction to customers online experience; wouldn’t hurt their brand and decrease operational expenses.

They were seeing huge spikes of fraudulent attacks that would come out of nowhere; with persistent and daily account takeover attacks. They needed a solution that could protect in real-time while being completely trusted and scalable.

They were seeing over 5,000 login attempts per day, using stolen customer lists and passwords or brute force password guessing. Due to high volumes of legitimate logins, they needed an online solution that could instantly scale at immense speeds (to keep them operational) and maintain expert level of protection at account creation, login and transaction. Many other fraud solutions weren’t able to scale.

NuDetect gave them a scalable and trustworthy solution to discern between legitimate login attempts from good users from the constant changing tactics of illegitimate users.

Results / Benefits
Preventing upwards of 5,000 account hijacking attempts per day while giving trust and confidence in trusted users in a scalable manner. They are seeing 97% accuracy in identifying a user’s identity. The solution acts as an “early warning system” that makes high-risk events easily accessible to security teams, enabling detection as early as 15 days before a fraud attempt is made. The early detection offered by NuDetect provided the client time to monitor, understand
and prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place.

They also saw, in the mass attack scenario above: prevention from a mass login-attack from fraudsters attempting to gain access to their accounts using stolen usernames, emails and passwords from previous breaches.
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