The Paypers: Arvato Financial Solutions signs agreement with NuData to combat fraud

December 15, 2016 — Arvato Financial Solutions signs agreement with NuData to combat fraud

Arvato Financial Solutions and NuData Sign Agreement to Combat Fraud and Enable a Frictionless Customer Experience.

Arvato Financial Solutions has announced an agreement with NuData Security to balance fraud mitigation strategies in compliance with local data protection regulation. In order to provide a one-stop fraud prevention suite, Arvato Financial Solutions has chosen NuData’solution which integrates behavioural analytics and passive biometrics with a common platform. Arvato also seeks to provide a frictonless experience for legitimate customers while protecting against abuse. The solution verifies a users’ online identity by authenticating the user based on their natural and subtle interactions online behaviour that cannot be replicated by a third party. These capabilities help to maximize detection, reduce false positives and optimize user identification. Arvato Financial Solutions is a financial solutions provider managing customers, specializing primarily in the insurance, retail/ecommerce, telecommunications, banking and healthcare sectors. NuData Security is a company dealing with fraudulent transactions by identifying good users from bad, based on their online behavior, by analyzing billions of behaviours annually.
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