PaymentsSource: ‘Devalued’ Data Can Keep Breach Crooks at Bay

September 27, 2016 — ‘Devalued’ Data Can Keep Breach Crooks at Bay

Robert Capps, VP at NuData, writes this feature article discussing the benefits of devaluing data.

Data breaches aren’t going away. What’s also frustrating for those tasked with protecting data is that poor consumer habits regarding online security aren’t going away, either. Weak passwords shared across all online accounts continue, despite ever-growing threats.

While cybersecurity may seem like a losing battle at this point, there’s no choice but to press on. However, it requires a new way of looking at the problem. At the end of the day, it’s all about the data. As long as it’s valuable, it will be stolen. Efforts to devalue data will be the most impactful actions an organization can take to reduce the number, scope and impact of breaches. So how is this accomplished? Read on.

Once data has been stolen, it’s tainted forever. There’s no way to get it back or clean it up. In addition, cybercriminals have numerous ways to attack – and they keep finding more. It’s similar to physical crime or terrorism in that way. It’s not feasible to protect a soccer stadium, for example, against all possible attack vectors—from every entrance, from the sky, from underground—let alone means of attack that security teams haven’t thought of yet.

Attacks today can come from so many vectors that it’s hard to know where to look at any given moment; data security is a constant battle. The fact is that every time we get it wrong, something bad happens. Sometimes what happens is catastrophic to the organization, such that it is difficult or impossible to recover.

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