New Business: Anonymous bank takedown a wakeup call for behavioural biometrics

June 28 — Anonymous bank takedown a wakeup call for behavioural biometrics

Notorious hacker network Anonymous recently launched a month-long campaign targeting the global banking industry.

According to an article in Fortune, members of the secretive group of activists and hackers went after the Bank of Greece in May of this year, taking down the site for a few minutes and launching the first punch in a series of high stakes showdowns between global bank security systems and the infamous hacker network.

Several other high profile attacks have since followed over the last month in what Anonymous calls Operation Icarus. The group has so far claimed successful attacks on 9 other central banks, including the Central Bank of Mexico and Cyprus. Next on the hit list are the Bank of England, the World Bank, IMF, the US Federal Reserve and 160 other national banks. Anonymous vows to continue the project for 30 days, culminating in attacks on NASDAQ, NYSE, and PayPal.

The group appears to have joined forces with another hacker group, Ghost Squad Hackers. The objective appears to be to create chaos in the global banking industry and is “a retaliation to the 1%” as “elite banking cartels [are] putting the world in a perpetual state of chaos”, says hacker ‘s1ege’ who claims to be affiliated with the hacker collective GSH participating in the takedown.

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