Information Security Buzz: Virgin America Hack

July 31, 2017 — Virgin America Hack

Robert Capps, VP at NuData Security, comments on the news that Virgin America suffered a data breach in March of this year, affecting an estimated 3,120 employees and contractors.

“While full details have not yet been confirmed, yet again, this is another breach that highlights the need for companies to focus on new types of authentication methods. Changing passwords is a Band-Aid. The approach needs to be to the root of the issue – the data the hackers are going after. If we, as an industry find ways to render this stolen personal information valueless to the hackers by instituting multiple layers of security, we take power out of their hands. Layers that includes passive biometrics and behavioral analytics, physical biometrics, 2-factor authentication and more to accurately identify the person behind the device and to determine if it the correct person by their behavior even when these stolen credentials make their way into the hacker’s hands. If one authenticating piece of data is compromised, another one will take its place. While hackers continue to use stolen credentials, their actions could be stopped by through behavioral and biometric analyses. As hard as cyber criminals may try, they cannot mimic the exact behavior of the customer.”

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