Information Security Buzz: 85 Million Dailymotion Account Details Hacked

December 8, 2016 — 85 Million Dailymotion Account Details Hacked

Robert Capps, VP at NuData, comments on the news of the recent hack on Dailymotion account details.

Any breaches of personal information are of extreme significance and concern. While breaches seem to be a daily occurrence, this breach goes to show that any site with information about a consumer is a potential target! Even when you think you are just sitting at home watching cute cat videos, your information is always tempting for hackers. With just a name and email address there are outsized risks from targeted Phishing. Stolen consumer data can be combined with other personally identifiable information (PII) from other hacks and breaches to amass even more detailed profiles on users that are traded and sold for high value to hackers. These ‘bundles’ contain much more complete and increasingly dangerous information around specific individuals, meaning there are more opportunities for fraud to take place. For example, with enough data collected from separate breaches a fraudster can gain access to financial and geographical information with the intent to fill out a loan application or apply for a new credit card.

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