SC Media: Identity of Securitas chief executive stolen, bankruptcy filed

July 14, 2017 — Identity of Securitas chief executive stolen, bankruptcy filed

NuData’s Lisa Baergen comments on the news of a Swedish security firm’s chief executive having his identity stolen and subsequently declared bankrupt.

The chief executive of Swedish security firm Securitas AB, Alf Göransson, has been declared bankrupt after having his identity stolen.

The company announced on Wednesday in a release that a fraudulent loan application in Göransson’s name was made in March.

As a result, Göransson was declared bankrupt on 10 July by the Stockholm District Court.

Lisa Baergen, director at NuData Security, said “Cyber-criminals are building fictitious identities to open fraudulent accounts with an eye towards fleecing banks, mortgage lending institutions, and insurance companies. Stealing genuine account credentials or faking them or creating synthetic identities from breached data, has been used to take out loans, overdrafts or mortgages, open bank accounts and even apply for valid documents such as a passport or driver’s license. There have even been many recorded instances of identity fraud taking place with credentials belonging to deceased individuals or even babies.
“Organisations are evolving to look towards more effective means of protecting accounts. Passive biometric and behavioural analytics enable these organisations to identify, verify and authenticate legitimate customers online through their behaviour and multiple other signals without impacting the customer experience or demand for convenience.”

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