Interdictions: How to step up suspicious users

Once you know a user is risky, NuData’s solution, NuDetect, can automate any interdiction to help verify them.

After NuDetect makes a risk assessment, the platform automates an interdiction for users showing risky signals. Interdictions help confirm fraudulent traffic or give good users with unexpected behavior a second chance to avoid false declines.

NuDetect can trigger any interdiction available to the client:

One-time password


Included in every NuDetect solution, this tamper-resistant security challenge is designed to be particularly difficult for bots. The technology limits the attacker’s options for automation and turns their attack into a much more costly endeavor.

New Account Fraud

Physical biometrics

Whether via FIDO, Mastercard’s Identity Check, or any other physical biometrics provider, NuDetect can trigger a physical biometrics request for a low-confidence user and collect the result to improve its model.


One-time password

NuDetect can automate a client system to request a one-time password and help verify a low-confidence user. The platform can receive the result to update its model.


Other interdictions

Flexibility is a key benefit of the NuDetect platform. NuDetect can integrate with the client’s system to automate any action based on the risk score of a user.