In fraud we trust – Say goodbye to the eBay for cybercriminals

An international cybercrime ring that has stolen $530 million has been dismantled, arresting 36 people. Is this all good news?   Let’s start with the good news: today, after you buy an online gift for your Valentine, you can be less worried about finding a nasty surprise in your bill sponsored by Infraud. The U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrest of 36 people for their relation to the Infraud organization, short for In Fraud We Trust.   The global

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Are millennials not worried about fraud?

Is the most tech-savvy generation also the least careful online? Not exactly.   Billions of stolen personal records are flying around the cybersphere, $16.8 billion were stolen last year in the U.S alone. And yet, millennials are the least worried about fraud. Why is that?   Steve is 28 years old, has at least three online devices, only watches streaming media on his smart TV, and relies on Google to find the closest pizza joint when he is hungry. Steve

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