nudata has been named 2023 Global InfoSec Awards Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year for the second year in a row!
nudata named 2023 Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year!


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nudata: it’s time for businesses to replace the old ‘new normal’ with a new one

PYMTS | June 30, 2021 – The new normal is passing away, to be replaced by a newer normal – and therefore, online services providers all have a lot of retraining to do.

While getting back out into the real world will look like a reversion to 2019, appearances can be deceiving.

“The new shopping channels probably aren’t going back to the way they were before; consumers who have become very accustomed to eCommerce may not want to go back to stores,” says Robert Capps, nudata’s Vice President of Emerging Technologies. “A lot of the unlearning that companies are going to have here is the relearning of consumer behaviors. Consumers’ patterns have changed tremendously over the last year-plus.”

For the complete article, see nudata: It’s Time For Businesses To Replace The Old ‘New Normal’ With A New One

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