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Behavioral Trust Consortium

Imagine trusting your next user, even if they are new. The Trust Consortium evaluates billions of events yearly to help you know who to trust at first sight, improving their experience.

How does it work?

The NuData Trust Consortium is the world’s largest behavioral network, with over 650 billion events monitored in 2019 alone. It gathers anonymized and encrypted insights from online events across NuData clients. When there is a new event, such as a login, NuData solutions score it based on the information from the event and the history of the account. Within milliseconds, NuData solutions also send the information from the event to the Consortium for more context. It provides historical data including whether that IP or device ID has been linked to past fraud at another company.

Also helps with:

  • Human-driven account takeover
  • Mass-scale attacks
  • Evolving attacks
  • Sophisticated attacks
  • Reduced user friction