NuDetect Solutions

Good User Verification with Unparalleled Accuracy

Know Who to Trust with Behavioral Biometrics

Identify Good Users Early

Detect new account fraud and unwanted users at account creation. Prevent high-risk account creation by detecting unwanted users, anomalies, and automation. NuDetectTM identifies the high-risk accounts that are most likely to lead to brand damage from fraudulent activity − the moment an account is created and throughout the lifetime of the account.

Enhance Customer Experience and Stop Account Takeover Fraud

Be confident that the real user is authenticating and not an imposter using stolen credentials. NuDetect’s behavioral biometrics knows the real user by the way they behave. NuDetect verifies if a user is the genuine user or flags them as an imposter, machine, malware or other high-risk entity. Organizations who verify customer behavior can make informed decisions to reduce authentication requirements for a seamless customer experience while stopping fraud.

Make Accurate Decisions At the Transaction

Prevent unauthorized transactions and speed up the checkout process for known good users. NuDetect’s behavioral analytics software understands how real users behave in order to help decision makers identify high-risk behaviors and remove good customers from their review queue.

Adding behavioral biometrics to a faster payments process is an increasingly important layer of defense for banks.

– Julie Conroy, research director and fraud expert with Boston-based Aite Group

4 Integrated Technologies for Unparalleled Accuracy

NuDetect is powered by a tightly integrated and consolidated solution.

Behavioral Biometrics

Trust the user. Does your customer’s behavioral biometric profile confirm their identity or has somebody stolen their password and taking over their identity?

Behavioral Analysis

Trust the behavior. Is your customer behaving as they usually do, or showing signs of malware, fraud, or a scam? We can detect tiny variations in how humans and machines behave.

Device & Access Intel

Trust that the real user is using the device. Is the user in a new location using a new device, or is this an attempt to spoof the device and location using valid credentials?

Cloud Consortium of Trusted Intelligence

Trust the consortium. Is your user behaving like other users and like they usually do on other sites? NuDetect processes tens of billions of behavioral events per year across its client and business network and references this data to build greater confidence and lower risk.


Beat Fraud Earlier with Machine Learning

NuDetect is continuously predicting, detecting, learning and protecting in real-time, making accurate decisions about new and emerging threats, and verifying good users. Machine learning means the accuracy of your decisions never stops improving with every action the user takes online. This insight enables you to verify their identity even before they login.

Leading Vendors in Cognitive Analytics include NuData Security. When the biometric is paired with strong device authentication, it is even more difficult to defeat.

– Julie Conroy, Research Director for Aite Group. Impact Report “Digital Channel Fraud Mitigation: The Mobile Force Awakens.”


How NuDetect Works

Behavioral Biometrics

Each time a user visits a page, we continuously authenticate their behavior against historical and normal population patterns, accurately and anonymously. Identify the real user based on hundreds of behavioral attributes such as typing cadence, the angle a device is held, and how the user navigates across your website or mobile applications.

Observe and Understand User Behavior

Identify and baseline good customer behavior from the first interaction to every one that follows. NuDetect analyses user behavior and behavioral biometrics from the first visit to the moment they leave in order to recognize when their behavior evolves or abnormally deviates. Every user, every touch-point and every visit.

Network of Trusted Intelligence

NuDetect processes tens of billions of behavioral events per year across its network, giving you real-time protection from emerging threats. Recognize good behavior patterns and link underlying relationships across the network to better understand what behaviors to trust. Make more accurate decisions and foster the best customer experience from the first interaction to any interaction across web browser or mobile application.

Innovation in fraud prediction methods is imperative because thieves are increasingly circumventing old techniques.

– Avivah Litan, VP and Distinguished Analyst for Gartner “Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Web Fraud Detection”

Looking for more in-depth information on the ways that we achieve greater security without sacrificing the user experience? Check out our 7-minute FinovateSpring live demo here.