AWS PrivateLink

AWS PrivateLink Ready

NuData is AWS PrivateLink ready

NuDetect’s solutions are available through the AWS PrivateLink and fully supported for AWS customers. Client traffic can go over the AWS PrivateLink instead of the internet for additional privacy. Learn more about NuData’s AWS-PrivateLink offering here.


Secure egress traffic

Control egress traffic by utilizing AWS-specific controls such as security groups and interface VPC endpoints. Access NuDetect on AWS easily and securely by keeping your network traffic within the AWS network.


Simplify network management

Connecting to SaaS applications is a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Significantly simplify your connectivity to NuDetect products with AWS PrivateLink. Connect with no need for firewall rules, path definitions, route tables, internet gateway or a VPC peering connection.


Achieve regulatory compliance

Preventing PII data from traversing the internet helps companies maintain compliance with regulations. Using NuDetect solutions with AWS PrivateLink allows you to confidently share your data offline over AWS PrivateLink to enforce regulatory compliance.


Connect with less latency

Performance matters. Achieving real-time detection of fraudulent activity while remaining transparent to the customer is hard work, but rewarding to the providers that pull it off. With AWS PrivateLink it’s possible to cut the connection latency for NuDetect by up to half.

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