In a Breached World Webinar

How to transform authentication and trust

Account takeover cost U.S. businesses $760 million last year alone and to make matters worse, Google just revealed that 250,000 web logins are stolen every week. It is clear that static data is not enough to trust your digital account users, and this puts any company that authenticates online at risk.
Access our webinar featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Andras Cser and NuData VP of Customer Success Ryan Wilk to learn how a multi-layered approach that finds the sweet spot between Risk-Based Authentication and passive behavioral biometrics solves the trust crisis.
You will learn about:

  • What Forrester’s predictions are for authentication and account takeover prevention.
  • How safer online verification can lower risk and improve customer experience.
  • How to protect your organization and users from stolen and compromised credentials.
  • How to take Risk-Based Authentication to the next level.
  • How to integrate passive and behavioral biometrics into your strategy.
  • How next-generation technologies are helping solve the authentication crisis.