Suspicious dog disguised for Halloween

Why Halloween Scams are Going to Target Millennials This Year

Suspicious dog disguised for HalloweenMillennials are known for their tech-savviness and also for their busy way of life that leaves them little time to check where they click. Although millennials may not be doing much trick-or-treating during Halloween, there are still several scares that they’ll need to keep an eye on. High on the list of frightening facts is how this generation – my generation, that is, no point in pretending this doesn’t apply to me – deals with cybersecurity. It turns out that

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scammer at work

Formjacking and Other Threats You Should be Preparing for This Season

scammer at workFormjacking has already hit 800 eCommerce companies a counting. Learn more about this threat and other scams floating around this holiday season. Cybercriminals are hard at work creating the perfect house of horrors for those shopping online, booking hotels, airline tickets or buying Christmas decorations. The latest scheme waiting for them is known as formjacking. With this attack, cybercriminals find a vulnerability in the company’s system and inject Java code into the website forms. Most often, those are check-out or

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