Justin Fox, NuData Director of Software Engineering

Why HTTPS isn’t as secure as it seems — and what that means for your company

Justin Fox, NuData Director of Software EngineeringBack End News | May 5, 2021 – HTTPS protects data in transit, but it doesn’t mean a site is secure. Phishing sites can use HTTPS to indicate secure transmission. Your company can bolster security by educating employees about the fact that HTTPS sites aren’t always trustworthy. Moreover, a multi-layered security approach can limit damage from phishing attacks. For the complete article, see Why HTTPS isn’t as secure as it seems — and what that means for your company.

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Searching for HTTPS

HTTP vs. HTTPS: How one letter can make a difference

Searching for HTTPSYou probably overlook it, and yet that letter protects your data every day. On March 12, 2021, the World Wide Web celebrates its 32nd birthday. But time passes for everyone,  and in the past three decades, the miraculous communication between systems that you are using right now has changed dramatically. That “www” you see before website domains representing the World Wide Web is now accompanied by even more acronyms. I’m talking about HTTPS, that something that helps keep you secure.

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Holiday Shopping: Linking to Gifts or The Trapdoor for Cybercrime

November 27, 2018 — Santa Claus may not be the only one coming to town this holiday season. As cybercriminals gear up to take advantage of of online shopping systems, here’s what you can do to stay cyber safe. With the holiday season right around the corner, both merchants and consumers need to make sure they’re prepared for a new wave of cyber attacks.   Robert Capps, VP at NuData Security, in his latest article explores how cybercriminals are using

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