PaymentsSource: Point of sale attacks are a ‘point of no return’

September 19, 2018 — Cybercriminals are getting creative with malware for point of sale devices – and what you need to know to protect your data.   Ryan Wilk, VP at NuData, in his latest article discusses how increased malware creativity and sophistication targeted at point of sale (POS) systems is leaving data such as credit card information exposed. The new malware targets system weaknesses that have affected many household brands in the last months. Necessary precautions need to be incorporated

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scammer at work

Formjacking and Other Threats You Should be Preparing for This Season

scammer at workFormjacking has already hit 800 eCommerce companies a counting. Learn more about this threat and other scams floating around this holiday season. Cybercriminals are hard at work creating the perfect house of horrors for those shopping online, booking hotels, airline tickets or buying Christmas decorations. The latest scheme waiting for them is known as formjacking. With this attack, cybercriminals find a vulnerability in the company’s system and inject Java code into the website forms. Most often, those are check-out or

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CBS News: Ho ho oh no: How malware hijacks holiday shopping

December 7, 2017 — Ho ho oh no: How malware hijacks holiday shopping Ryan Wilk, VP at NuData, comments on this CBS article, covering how malware hijacks holiday shopping. Online shoppers this holiday season may be getting more than they bargained for: Alongside gadgets, clothes and stocking stuffers, many are picking up invasive computer viruses. Malware infections spiked by almost 124 percent from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, according to data from Clearwater, Florida-based Enigma Software, which sells SpyHunter antimalware

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Mobile Fraud Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days – don’t let mobile fraud take it away

Mobile Fraud Cyber MondayMobile traffic is growing and so are the attacks targeting smartphones. Based on the 2016 Adobe Digital Insights Holiday Recap report, last year Cyber Monday generated $3.5 billion dollars in the US, most of which came from desktop transactions. The online traffic also increased by 155%, making it the biggest day in the history of US eCommerce. The mobile channel is also gaining momentum at a similar pace. Last year 41% of all Cyber Monday traffic came from smartphones, the

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SC Magazine: Top Six Spookiest Malware for Halloween

October 27, 2017 — Top Six Spookiest Malware for Halloween NuData’s Don Duncan chimes in on SC’s piece about some of the spookiest malware security professionals have encountered. 5. CCleaner Don Duncan (NuData) Customer Success Engineer “The stuff was already preinstalled on ‘haunted hardware’ when the customer purchased it. The one thing that caught my attention was that it was shipped with new hardware. By the way, I was one of those effected having just bought a new Android device.

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