Silhouette of people of different ages

Age is more than a number: Ensuring retail cybersecurity for people of all ages

Silhouette of people of different agesDigital Commerce 360 | March 31, 2021 – A retailer that fails to balance various age groups’ cybersecurity needs risks making its tech products inaccessible to parts of the population. While that diversity is generally a good thing, it also poses a security challenge for retailers. User differences can make it hard to design ecommerce technology that ensures security and a good experience for all ages. To avoid this outcome, make sure your product teams are aware of the potential barriers various age

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Escaping the echo chamber: How to make cybersecurity accessible for all

We’ve all experienced digital growing pains in the era of COVID-19. Whether it’s ordering food delivery off a smartphone for the first time or working through technical difficulties during a game of “Among Us” with friends, we’ve had to adapt to new ways of doing things online. Although most of our moves to digital channels have made our lives more frictionless, they’ve also brought many cybersecurity challenges. Many users struggle to access online tools due to physical and economic barriers

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