Silhouette of people of different ages

Age is more than a number: Ensuring retail cybersecurity for people of all ages

Silhouette of people of different agesDigital Commerce 360 | March 31, 2021 – A retailer that fails to balance various age groups’ cybersecurity needs risks making its tech products inaccessible to parts of the population. While that diversity is generally a good thing, it also poses a security challenge for retailers. User differences can make it hard to design ecommerce technology that ensures security and a good experience for all ages. To avoid this outcome, make sure your product teams are aware of the potential barriers various age

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Biometric Update: Hackers Beware: Passive Biometrics is Turning the Tables on Cybercrime

October 17, 2018 — Say goodbye to passwords. Passive biometrics and behavioural analytics are changing the way users are verified online.    This Halloween, monsters aren’t the only ones out to get you. Robert Capps, VP at NuData, in his latest article talks about the inadequacy of passwords in authentication and how they no longer create a barrier against fraud due to their weakness. No matter how creative we think they are. However, with the rise of cutting-edge technologies like

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PaymentsSource: Point of sale attacks are a ‘point of no return’

September 19, 2018 — Cybercriminals are getting creative with malware for point of sale devices – and what you need to know to protect your data.   Ryan Wilk, VP at NuData, in his latest article discusses how increased malware creativity and sophistication targeted at point of sale (POS) systems is leaving data such as credit card information exposed. The new malware targets system weaknesses that have affected many household brands in the last months. Necessary precautions need to be incorporated

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SC Magazine: MongoDB database exposes more than 2 million Mexican patients

August 7, 2018 — The database was used to contain healthcare information of a Mexican hospital patrons. Ryan Wilk, VP at NuData, comments on a report issued yesterday by SC Magazine, disclosing that massive amounts of PII on 2,373,764 Mexican patients were in a database, which had vulnerabilities allowing exposure to fraudsters without a password. Not only was PII left exposed, but so were email addresses and encrypted passwords for admin accounts at the hospital, leaving them vulnerable for more

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TEISS: Hackers targeting over 400 organisations using advanced phishing tactics

August 7, 2018 — Fraudsters leverage new tactics in a successful spear-phishing campaign. Robert Capps, VP at NuData, comments on a report issued yesterday by TEISS, disclosing details of individual cases of those impacted by the highly targeted phishing campaign including PDFs infected with malware. One of the more interesting cases included a company executive being asked to download a piece of legitimate software, which worked, but included malware within the code than infected the executive’s device. This attack shows

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