Consumer trust

How much do consumers really trust your checkout?

Consumer trustThis is what we set out to find with this study commissioned to PYMNTS We’ve all heard about the boom in online shopping since the onset of the pandemic and the ensuing rise in cyberattacks. But how have the increases in online shopping and data breaches impacted consumers’ trust in payment channels? We set out to find answers in our Securing eCommerce study, conducted in collaboration with PYMNTS. The study surveyed a census-balanced panel of 2,368 U.S. consumers about their

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NuData: It’s Time For Businesses To Replace The Old ‘New Normal’ With A New One

PYMTS | June 30, 2021 – The new normal is passing away, to be replaced by a newer normal – and therefore, online services providers all have a lot of retraining to do. While getting back out into the real world will look like a reversion to 2019, appearances can be deceiving. “The new shopping channels probably aren’t going back to the way they were before; consumers who have become very accustomed to eCommerce may not want to go back

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Identity theft, hand picking out the letter y

Mastercard: Digital Identity Aligns Security With Consumer Experience

Identity theft, hand picking out the letter yPYMTS | June 23, 2021 – After countless data breaches and hacker attempts on their personal data, consumers are pretty well fed-up with the problem and have taken on a zero-tolerance stance. The recent PYMNTS and NuData Securing eCommerce study found that consumers take data theft and fraud so seriously that nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of all eCommerce shoppers report that even a single instance of personal data theft would cause them to almost never choose to shop with the

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illustration of man carrying away a large credit card.

During the pandemic, online criminals become more sophisticated and attack retailers more often

illustration of man carrying away a large credit card.Digital Commerce 360 | April 14, 2021 – Research shows online criminals attack online retailers with greater sophistication and frequency than before the COVID-19 crisis. As online shopping soared during the pandemic, so did new opportunities for online criminals. And in 2020, they exploited those opportunities. “Just as online security firms look for trends, so do fraudsters,” says Dave Senci, vice president of product development at NuData. For the complete article, see During the pandemic, online criminals become more sophisticated

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Silhouette of people of different ages

Age is more than a number: Ensuring retail cybersecurity for people of all ages

Silhouette of people of different agesDigital Commerce 360 | March 31, 2021 – A retailer that fails to balance various age groups’ cybersecurity needs risks making its tech products inaccessible to parts of the population. While that diversity is generally a good thing, it also poses a security challenge for retailers. User differences can make it hard to design ecommerce technology that ensures security and a good experience for all ages. To avoid this outcome, make sure your product teams are aware of the potential barriers various age

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