Woman browsing on her mobile phone

How behavioral biometrics can stop social engineering and malware scams dead in their tracks

Woman browsing on her mobile phoneSuppose you get a frantic call from your aunt, Rose. She tells you that she’s been contacted by IRS collection officers and she owes them money. While on the phone with her, the “IRS” coached Aunt Rose on how to pay, which included prompting her to log in to her bank account and wire them money, which she did. Aunt Rose has just been scammed — or more accurately, coached. Also called coercion or social engineering with user interaction, coaching

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Public Wifi

NuData Details Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Public WifiFind Biometrics | April 28, 2021 – The problem is particularly pressing now that the world is starting to reopen, since people are more likely to connect to public Wi-Fi networks if they want to do work while on the go. Many people do not pay much attention when connecting to other networks. Those who connect automatically to any nearby networks may not be aware of when their device links up with another network. As a result, a cybercriminal could

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Chris Reid NuData

Identity In An Inclusive Digital Economy

Chris Reid NuDataPYMTS | April 26, 2021 – As the last 12 months have driven a focus on technology and digital ecosystems, it’s become more important than ever to prove identity seamlessly and securely. Chris Reid, executive vice president of identity solutions, NuData Security, Mastercard, discusses what it will take to ensure secure payments while reducing economic and social divides and driving greater inclusion. For the complete article, see Identity In An Inclusive Digital Economy

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How to run successful virtual meetings

HRD Online | January 06, 2021 — When done right, online meetings can be an ‘incredibly powerful method of collaboration’. Running virtual meetings requires skill. No matter how great our presentation, our efforts will be wasted if we can’t keep our virtual meetings secure. “Organisations managing home-based employees must ensure that all company-owned devices are configured with up-to-date security tools that detect and prevent viruses, malware, and network-level attacks,” said Robert Capps, vice president of market innovation at NuData Security.

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2021 cybersecurity predictions: ‘Every service without MFA will suffer a breach’

IT World Canada | January 04, 2021 — Top cybersecurity predictions from over 40 experts. Robert Capps, vice president of market innovation at NuData Security shares his thoughts on remote work and how organizations can manage employees remotely and securely. For the complete article, go here.

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