Gymnastic move, upside down splits

User experience – a delicate balance?

Gymnastic move, upside down splitsCustomers expect streamlined and easy online experiences. A little friction is okay — most people don’t object to typing in their password every once in a while. But when companies start layering on security steps like one-time passwords and security questions, customers can get frustrated quickly. Strong online security is important, especially with sophisticated attacks on the rise. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of user experience. To protect users’ accounts and data without relationship-damaging levels of friction, you

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How to run successful virtual meetings

HRD Online | January 06, 2021 — When done right, online meetings can be an ‘incredibly powerful method of collaboration’. Running virtual meetings requires skill. No matter how great our presentation, our efforts will be wasted if we can’t keep our virtual meetings secure. “Organisations managing home-based employees must ensure that all company-owned devices are configured with up-to-date security tools that detect and prevent viruses, malware, and network-level attacks,” said Robert Capps, vice president of market innovation at NuData Security.

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2021 cybersecurity predictions: ‘Every service without MFA will suffer a breach’

IT World Canada | January 04, 2021 — Top cybersecurity predictions from over 40 experts. Robert Capps, vice president of market innovation at NuData Security shares his thoughts on remote work and how organizations can manage employees remotely and securely. For the complete article, go here.

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No-one expects fraud will happen to them, until it does

Security Boulevard | October 30, 2020 — With criminals taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis, security experts show how health systems can respond to a cyber crisis at the same time. Many of them use advanced software that can reduce days of drudgery to mere hours of research and collecting insecure private information for their own use. For the complete article, go here.

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Patch takeover: App developers, like WordPress, left to weigh backlash of forced security updates

SC Media | October 29, 2020 — In an uncommon move, WordPress developers earlier this month automatically pushed an important security update for the popular Loginizer plug-in to roughly 1 million people, which caught some unsuspecting users off-guard in the process.  The decision, which was made to ensure a significant vulnerability didn’t wreak havoc, is one all software and app developers wrestle with themselves when establishing patching policies: under what circumstances should software updates be taken out of the hands

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