Smart Interface

 Reduce your false declines with  EMV 3DS and behavioral biometrics.

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What is EMV 3-D Secure?

EMV 3DS is the new protocol created to address the shortcomings of 3-D Secure. The new protocol is expected to reduce friction on 90% of card-not-present transactions and to help merchants:

  • Reduce false declines: It gathers ten times more data from a transaction to help decisioning and reduce false declines.
  • Boost approvals: It reduces friction on trusted transactions to streamline the process and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Integrate with multiple channels: Enables authentication on any device (tablet, smartphones and IoT devices).
  • Improve customer experience: EMV 3DS enables a consistent user experience across connected devices.
  • Choose Data Only: merchants can choose to send trusted transactions directly to the issuer, outside of the 3DS flow.
Julie Conroy

“With technology that authenticates the end user in parallel with authorization, merchants can save organizational costs and increase their transaction approval rates.”

Julie ConroyResearch Director, Aite Group

What are the benefits of NuData’s Smart Interface?

As an EMVCo partner, Mastercard companies provide a native understanding of the new protocol. Smart Interface is a powerful package that combines EMV 3DS (3DS 2.0) and behavioral biometrics with key benefits for merchants:

  • Pre-transaction authentication: The behavioral biometrics technology provides over 99% accuracy without added friction.
  • Customization: Merchants can build their own sets of rules to automate complex decisioning processes that reduce manual reviews.
  • Compliance: NuData’s rules engine help merchants stay compliant in regulated markets (i.e. Europe’s PSD2).
*In some scenarios (i.e. regulated markets) EMV 3DS will require the issuer to authenticate the consumer using the intelligence and a fingerprint, face or voice identification system.