NuData + EMV 3DS

Increase your transaction approvals
with NuData’s integrated SDK.

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NuData’s layers of intelligence combined with EMV® 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS) help issuers make more accurate decisions and boost your consumer’s approvals. This one-stop shop accesses EMV 3DS and the NuData authentication intelligence in a single, simple-to-integrate package.

More than an API

NuData’s integrated SDK gives you access to:

Julie Conroy

“Having a verification system that evaluates a transaction before it’s sent through EMV 3DS helps merchants weed out their fraudulent traffic and submit transactions that are trusted, increasing approval rates.”

Julie ConroyResearch Director, Aite Group

How does NuData’s SDK benefit your transactions?

  • Boost approvals. Have a better view of your consumers and share this intelligence with the issuers through EMV 3DS to influence transaction decisions, increase approvals, and reduce false declines.
  • Prevent fraud. Detect and block fraudulent transactions up-front, before they are processed through EMV 3DS.
  • Build your own rules. Create and customize your rules to automate processes and cut down on manual reviews.
  • Data only option. Send the transactions you want outside of the EMV 3DS protocol and still share added intelligence with the issuer.
  • Reduce friction. Increase conversions by removing onerous authentication steps on trusted transactions* (e.g., PIN request).
*In some scenarios (i.e. regulated markets) EMV 3DS will require the issuer to authenticate the consumer using the intelligence and a fingerprint, face or voice identification system.