WIRED Innovation Insights: Putting Data Breaches Into Context

Ryan Wilk’s latest article, Putting Data Breaches Into Context, is live over at WIRED’s Innovation Insights page.

January 27, 2015 — 2014 was a banner year for hackers. They amassed an unprecedented treasure trove of credit card and Social Security numbers, emails, and logins and passwords – and either used these assets themselves to commit fraud or sold them to the highest bidder. This is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar problem, but these data breaches have begun to happen with such frequency that it’s easy for businesses and consumers alike to suffer from “breach fatigue.”

However, rather than yawning at the latest breach headline and turning the page, let that headline be a wake-up call to take fraud protection more seriously than ever. I’ve compiled some of last year’s biggest breaches and put them into context by comparing them with real, human populations. [read more]