Why Passwords Don’t Need Fixing

People have been sounding the death knell for passwords for nearly as long as we’ve been using them. It’s been over ten years since Bill Gates said that the password doesn’t “meet the challenge for anything you really want to secure” and he wasn’t alone. Security experts have drummed into us good password safety every year to the point where it’s become nearly untenable as a long term strategy.

The fight to secure passwords exists because, despite the prognostications and protests, passwords remain a key point of online security – the first way to prevent unauthorized access, account takeovers, and fraud. Until the user has some other unique, single access, always available identifier like a retinal scan, the password is here to stay.

Passwords aren’t broken, but they can’t be all there is to it, either. If you had the option, you wouldn’t just rely on your house keys to stop a person from entering your house. Someone can steal the key, or bust the lock with bruit force. You’d get yourself a home security system, one that might have motion detectors, video feeds and an alarm system connected to law enforcement and emergency services. The system doesn’t go off so long as you carry out the expected behaviors, either by not triggering the sensors or by inputting a second security code, to let the system know you have the right to be there.

User Behavior Analytics works exactly the same way. In fact, it works even better. Where a house alarm can be cut or a second code typed in to deactivate an alarm, behavior-based analytics creates, from day one, a profile that will match the user against all prior interactions as well as the interactions of all other users. It acts as a check against the account being taken over and becomes an early warning system if the new account acts in ways that have a high correlation with fraud patterns observed elsewhere.

A website with a fully-integrated User Behavior Analytics is like having a home security system that knows it’s you by the way you sit on the couch.

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