Tech Pro Essentials: Best Practices to Employ in the Fight Against Fraud

Best Practices to Employ in the Fight Against Fraud
Guest article by Ryan Wilk, Director of Customer Success, about the layered approach to take to protect against fraud. Read the full article over at Tech Pro Essentials.

October 15, 2014 — The recent theft of over a billion usernames and passwords by a Russian hacker gang, nicknamed CyberVor, surely sent shudders down the spines of fraud managers around the world. The gang hacked over 400,000 websites, and not just the big-name sites – they attacked even small and personal websites.

CyberVor members haven’t yet used the stolen credentials to make fraudulent purchases online, but plenty of others have. Anyone reading this article could reel off a list of marquee online retailers who’ve made the headlines recently due to theft of customer information. Fraud managers have a critical job; they are a front-line defense against fraudsters. As such, it’s their duty to stay current with best practices in Online Fraud Detection (OFD) and to know what tools are available to help them protect their organizations and their customers. Below are three key recommendations that ensure the greatest protection against fraud. [read more]