Spotlight on Security: Phishers Find Apple Most Tasty Target

Featuring Ryan Wilk, Director of Customer Success.

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“Follow the money” isn’t just the war cry of journalistic bloodhounds hot on the trail of political corruption. It’s the mantra of Web predators, too. That’s why PayPal consistently has been the top brand targeted by phishers — although that appears to have changed.

Apple now has the dubious distinction of most-phished brand, according to the latest report from the Anti-Phishing Work Group.

For the first half of this year, 17.7 percent of all phishing attacks were aimed at Apple — a first for the brand — followed by PayPal (14.4 percent) and Chinese shopping site (13.2 percent), the APWG reported.

Have phishers suddenly become more interested in stocking their music libraries from iTunes than siphoning money from PayPal? Not quite.

“We’re seeing a lot of account takeover types of stuff, and your Apple ID is tied into everything,” report coauthor Rod Rasmussen told TechNewsWorld. [read more]