Gift card fraud starts here

Gift Card Fraud: The Forgotten Threat in Cyber Security Month

Why everyone’s go-to Christmas present is also a gift for fraudsters. Picture the scene; you purchase a gift card as a Christmas or birthday present for a friend, colleague or family member. The card is valid at a major retailer (or several major retailers) and, because the money is packaged in a card, you assume it is a perfectly safe present. The problem is you are not taking cybercrime into account. Cybercrime has been around since the advent of the

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Interaction Fraud

What’s a KRACK Attack and How To Prevent It

The latest on the devastating threat to the WPA2 protocol. The feeling of safety that we enjoyed with the WPA2 protocol is gone with the wind. The recent critical exploit to Wi-Fi was announced this week. KRACKs are the latest threat to our cybersecurity that affect our connection to Wi-Fi. Key Reinstalling Attack (KRACK) takes advantage of a foundational gap in the WPA2 protocol to eavesdrop on your Wi-Fi traffic as a middleman. WPA2’s job is to make sure the

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Should Americans Be More Scared of Fraud Than Terrorism?

It’s no surprise that this century’s main fears are fraud and terrorism. You would have been hard-pressed to find any American concerned about either before the internet and the digital age had become entrenched in the American society. Coincidentally, this was also around the time that terrorism was brought dramatically into focus in the American psyche. While these two fears are self-evident, a July study from FICO showed us where these fears rank for the average American. Among the consumers

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Banks Must Solve Aggregators to Win the Authentication Battle

Authentication is at the heart of modern banking – as it should be. As companies transact more and more online, the ability for them to grant users quick, secure, and frictionless access to their accounts is necessary for a great user experience. This requires organizations to exercise suitable authentication measures to keep their customers and their business safe, without being so time-consuming as to alienate their customers. Navigating the complexities of authentication is on everyone’s mind these days with the

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The Case For Intelligent Friction

The Case For Intelligent Friction Customer friction and biometric solutions We all know the feeling; blood boiling, heart pounding in your chest, grip on your phone tightening. This all-too-common reaction is the frustrating reality of customer friction. It can be encountered when trying to purchase something via an automated phone system, attempting to speak to the right person to solve your query, or simply trying to access your account online. There are few customer experiences as frustrating as coming up

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