User enjoying a 3ds2 purchase experience

EMV 3DS (or 3DS2): The Old, The New and The Better

What the new protocol (aka 3DS 2.0) brings to the industry and the merchant nightmares it’s getting rid of. False declines, frustrated users unable to locate their four-digit code, and other growing pains that shall not be named – it’s only Monday, after all – were stemming from the old payment protocol, 3DS. Since, both merchants and issuers have been eager for a new solution that they can rely on. We are excited to announce that the new protocol, EMV®

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Kid Impacted by Synthetic identity fraud

The impact of identity theft – It’s not just about the money

Silent, stealthy, and devastating; yes, we are talking about identity theft. By Lisa Baergen, Director of Marketing at NuData Security The Center for Identity at the University of Texas, has observed 5,398 cases of identity theft, fraud and abuse in the U.S. since the year 2000. The majority of those cases occurred in the states of California, New York, Florida, and Texas according to the University’s ITAP report 2018. And, unlike what most would think, losing money is not what

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