Hospital Security Breaches

Healthcare security breaches: An unhealthy trend in 2018

Med Associates, the latest to be added to the long list of breached healthcare institutions in 2018, with 270,000 records exposed. We are only halfway through 2018 and there has already been a stream of hacks, data breaches and mass exposure of highly sensitive data such as DNA and patient records. Med Associates, an Albany-based firm, is the latest victim with 270,000 patient records accessed by black-hat hackers. They are not alone, though, other providers such as the St. Peter’s

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Dixons Carphone data breach exposes 5.9 millino cards

Dixons Carphone data breach affects 5.9 million customers

Dixons has confirmed they suffered a data breach that started last July, leaking 5.9 million payment cards and 1.2 million personal records. The breach started last July, but Dixons was not able to find out until last week. This is not surprising considering the average data breach takes several months to be detected. The hackers stole 5.9 million payment cards, 100,000 of those cards are not protected by chip and pin, making it easier to use them fraudulently in the

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Account Takeover

What is an account takeover?

Account Take-over or Account Takeover Fraud is a form of identity theft. The definition of account takeover (ATO) is obtaining a legitimate user’s details to take over their online accounts, possibly enabling monetary or credit card theft. ATO can happen with an automated script that enters the credentials en masse or with a human typing them and accessing the account. The goal of ATO is to make a profit using the value of the account. What are the risks of

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myheritage data breach

92 million user accounts compromised in MyHeritage breach

MyHeritage, an Israeli-based genealogy and DNA testing company, disclosed that a security researcher found a file containing email addresses and hashed passwords of more than 92 million of its users. In a statement on Monday, Omer Deutsch, MyHeritage’s chief information security officer, said, “there has not been evidence that the data in the file was ever used by the perpetrators.” However, it’s hard to measure the impact of a breach, especially considering this took place in October 2017. Based on

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