The Malware Awards

The malware awards: the most devastating attacks that everyone talked about in 2017

To be protected from online threats the best you can do is to get to know the enemy. Here is our review of the most sophisticated malware in 2017. As much as we hope the next security update will protect us from malware, the reality is that more varied and sophisticated schemes are being created as we speak. We have decided to look the enemy in the eye and learn from them and, since we are at it, award some

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Behavioral Biometrics Silver Bullet

Is High-Assurance Strong Authentication a Silver Bullet?

Research firms have been talking about a stronger version of Multi-Factor Authentication, but what’s it all about? Before you get too excited: there is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to increasing security or preventing fraud. However, we hear about a push for a new framework that claims to help online businesses gain some ground on fraudsters: high-assurance strong authentication, a stronger version of the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system. The current landscape MFA has traditionally been

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