scammer at work

Formjacking and Other Threats You Should be Preparing for This Season

Formjacking has already hit 800 eCommerce companies a counting. Learn more about this threat and other scams floating around this holiday season. Cybercriminals are hard at work creating the perfect house of horrors for those shopping online, booking hotels, airline tickets or buying Christmas decorations. The latest scheme waiting for them is known as formjacking. With this attack, cybercriminals find a vulnerability in the company’s system and inject Java code into the website forms. Most often, those are check-out or

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Consumer buying online with card with 3ds 2.0

10 Things We Learned at The EMV 3DS Webinar

If you missed what our experts talked about during our EMV 3DS (aka 3DS 2.0) webinar, here are some highlights for you. 3DS expert Patrick Kelly and security solutions specialist Dave Senci from Mastercard had a great conversation with Ryan Wilk from NuData about EMV 3DS (aka 3DS 2.0). If you, for some unfathomable reason, don’t want to watch the full webinar, here are ten takeaways: 1. Issuers can see more information linked to a card. They have access to

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Gift card and rewards bounty

Are Your Gift Cards or Reward placements at risk? Ask C&A Brazil

Gift cards and rewards are becoming an easy-to-access bounty for cybercriminals who don’t want to risk their paycheck by triggering hawkishly-monitored credit card transactions, just as it happened to C&A Brazil this week… Many companies don’t think of their gift card or reward features as the first place to protect from fraud, and black-hat hackers count on this to steal loyalty and reward points to cash in for anything like vacations, products, and other services. Although it’s significantly less reported

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Hacks, Cyberattacks, and Data Breaches, Oh My

2018 is not over and yet the number of data breaches is already off the charts – 2,300 data breaches have been disclosed this year, exposing over 2.6 billion records. Just last week was it reported that Shanghai police are investigating one of the largest data leaks on the mainland that may have affected around 130 million customers of Huazhu Hotels Group. Huazhu reported the data breach on August 28th after finding a post on a dark web forum about

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