2018 Data Breaches - Lock and Key

340 million personal records exposed and other major breaches in 2018

Cybersecurity journalists have had a busy first half of 2018 with the stream of data breaches, topped by last week’s Exactis mass-data exposure. But, is the landscape as bleak as it looks? You probably don’t need to be following the news to know that your data may have been breached in the last few years. In the last 18 months alone, millions of users have had all or part of their personal and financial information exposed, sold, and traded somewhere

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Hanhan Wu Future Stars of Tech

My experience being honored as a woman in technology

What it’s like to attend the Future Stars of Tech Awards By: Hanhan Wu, Data Scientist at NuData Security   Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to London for the Future Stars of Tech Awards, a set of awards given to the next generation of technology female leadership, hosted by Information Age Magazine. Overall, the experience really changed my view on what it is like to work in technology as a woman and made me appreciate the

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Hospital Security Breaches

Healthcare security breaches: An unhealthy trend in 2018

Med Associates, the latest to be added to the long list of breached healthcare institutions in 2018, with 270,000 records exposed. We are only halfway through 2018 and there has already been a stream of hacks, data breaches and mass exposure of highly sensitive data such as DNA and patient records. Med Associates, an Albany-based firm, is the latest victim with 270,000 patient records accessed by black-hat hackers. They are not alone, though, other providers such as the St. Peter’s

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