Hanhan Wu Future Stars of Tech

My experience being honored as a woman in technology

What it’s like to attend the Future Stars of Tech Awards

By: Hanhan Wu, Data Scientist at NuData Security


Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to London for the Future Stars of Tech Awards, a set of awards given to the next generation of technology female leadership, hosted by Information Age Magazine. Overall, the experience really changed my view on what it is like to work in technology as a woman and made me appreciate the opportunities that I have been given here at NuData.

My whole experience began with a flight to London all the way from Vancouver. Between the tiredness from the flight and the jet lag, it was an exhausting day, but I arrived safe and sound, and got to the awards on time.

Once I got to the ceremony, I was nearly enveloped by the bustling crowd of people, but I quickly found myself other nominees to chat with, and started some interesting conversations. There were people working in AI, big data, collaboration management, and even space travel technology! Despite the lighthearted nature of the conversations, it became clear that there are still many obstacles for women to overcome in the technology industry.

Some of the managers I spoke with asserted the frustrations with the men they worked with, while others were quite happy with their male peers. At this point, I realized that I am exceedingly lucky to work in a place where I can feel so respected. The consideration that I receive from my team and my managers is unbelievable, and something that I doubt I will ever take for granted again.

Other than the few quips about how tired my arms were from flying over just that morning, and the disbelief from others that I was actually in Canada just a few hours earlier, I simply continued to network, until dinner began.

Future Stars of Tech DinnerThe food was really good, so I had to mention it. They had handmade chocolate; can you blame me?

The whole experience was surreal. Even though I didn’t win, I took a lot away from this experience. I learned that the road isn’t always easy being a woman working in technology, but I now have a greater appreciation for the position that I am in. I realized that being a Future Star of Tech isn’t about an accolade, or sitting at a desk coding all day, but it’s about having the motivation to lead others and to inspire others to have the same passion for this career path as I do.

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