RSA - NuData booth

March event madness!

March has moved at a breathtaking speed. With the beginning of spring, NuData ends its busiest month that included three back-to-back conferences, keeping us on our toes but also up to date on the latest in cybersecurity. 

We went from the beautiful views and unique architecture of San Francisco to the glitz and glam of Las Vegas. Here are a few things we learned on the way. 

First stop: RSA 

RSA is one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world. This year, with over 42,500 attendees, 740 speakers and 700 exhibitors the conference organizers highlighted the theme “Better” to, “promote a more secure world so others can get on with the business of making it a better one.” 

The key highlight for NuData this year was the people we encountered at the event, which represented an eye-opening array of different technologies and capabilities. It’s always interesting to know how different technologies are evolving to bolster security from different angles; however, as we all know, it’s not about stacking every type of technology, instead, about selecting those tools that work well with each other to build a robust platform. 

Attendees brought a wealth of experience from different corners of the cybersecurity realm, ranging from analytics and data science to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The networking events, dinners, and gatherings were spiced up by the different perceptions of the people at the event; all as passionate as we are to find solutions to cybersecurity challenges.  

RSA is an excellent example of how the attendees can make an event stand out and, similarly, understanding the people is what makes security solutions more effective. 

Next up: MRC 

MRC is a closed-door event focused on making eCommerce safe for all end users. The level and variety of presentations were only matched by the quality of the food. No, really; The question ‘How was your session?’ was always followed by ‘and, did you try that delicious dessert today?’ We are not ashamed to confess that even the food at MRC gave us insights on where the industry is going in the fight against eCommerce fraud. If you are curious, check our blog about what the food at MRC taught us about fraud. 

Among the three, MRC was where we gathered the most insights around retail fraud threats. From tasty conversations on popcorn, donuts and false positives, panels on 3D Secure, to case studies on how to build fraud teams from scratch and out-of-the-box sessions on weirdest fraud cases worldwide (which most of us agree would make a great TV show), MRC had it all. The event helped foster partnerships and collaborations between companies to learn from each other’s successes and failures to push the industry forward. It was also encouraging to see panels and sessions with a higher representation of women but also served as a reminder of the need for more inclusivity and diversity in the industry. 

The cherry on top: KNOW Identity 

KNOW was different from the other two events: it was a smaller group of people across various industries focusing on one thing: identity. From government policy, blockchain, identity access management, to trust and safety, fraud prevention or identity verification – the conference covered endless angles around the challenge of identity, both online and offline. 

Our team participated in a panel about the value of behavioral biometrics for online user verification. We shared stories of how our clients have reduced their manual review teams by using behavior to verify their users instead of relying on credentials. We also moderated a panel on an online application where we explored the issues with this type of fraud and how multi-layer tools can help prevent it.  

What we took home 

These events help underscore the latest industry gaps and company’s needs that we then build into our products. These events provide people with a platform to give back to the community by way of sharing best practices, insights, and tactics they use to stay ahead of fraudsters. 

We came back to Vancouver with a suitcase filled with fun swag and solid takeaways; We were glad to see that user experience has moved up to become the primary objective; a key to retain customers is securing the identities of end users and providing a frictionless experience.  

Lastly, the best takeaway was the time we spent with the people at the events, sharing points of view, experiences, and good wine with the stunning backdrop of San Francisco and the glitz of Las Vegas.  

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