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Dmitriy Smilianets Pleads Not Guilty in 160 Million Stolen Credit Cards Case

New Jersey – On Monday 12 August, Dmitriy Smilianets entered a plea of “not-guilty” in the case of “the largest data breach schemes ever uncovered in the United States”

Smilianets has been held in custody in the Netherlands for over a year before he was extradited. His attorney told Reuters that he would challenge the charges and was looking into “possible irregularities” in the circumstances of his arrest.

This points towards the possibility that the 29-year-old will seek to challenge the legalities surrounding his arrest as opposed to challenging his role in the alleged theft of more than 160 million credit card numbers across a series of attacks that cost US companies an estimated $300 million.

Smilianets is the only one of five men charged currently in U.S. custody. Arrested with him was Vladimir Drinkman, 32, of Syktyvkar, Russia, who remains in the Netherlands fighting efforts to extradite him.

Three others, Aleksander Kalinin, 26, of St. Petersburg, Russia; Roman Kotov, 32, of Moscow; and Mikhail Rytikov, 26, of Odessa, Ukraine, were also charged, but their whereabouts remain unknown.

It is alleged that the 5 man team conspired to sell on the personal credit card details. This is not an uncommon process in credit card fraud. The alarming aspect to the case is just how much data was stolen. It is likely that individual victims, e-commerce companies, and credit card merchants will continue to see the effects of this crime as further cases of card not present fraud transpire.

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