Card Not Present Feature Article: New Strategies for Fighting Online Fraud by Ryan Wilk

Guest Perspective: New Strategies for Fighting Online Fraud
by Ryan Wilk, Director of Customer Success

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In 2013, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 262,813 consumer complaints with an adjusted dollar loss of $781,841,6111, which is a 48.8 percent increase in reported losses since 2012.

The work of preventing online fraud is expensive, not to mention difficult. Businesses of all sizes must do all they can to safeguard sensitive data so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Because online fraudsters are continually coming up with new schemes, fraud managers have to stay on their toes. Part of their job is to stay apprised of current best practices and tools to help them protect their organizations and their customers. For three of the latest best practices in Online Fraud Detection (OFD), read on.
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