Biometric Update: Synthetic identities: more real than you think

July 11, 2017 -- Synthetic identities: more real than you thinkRyan Wilk, VP at NuData, guest writes this article on Biometric update discussing the reality of synthetic identities and exactly how they are manufactured.[quote]When a family member dies, there are myriad things to look after from closing bank accounts, sorting belongings and notifying everyone they did business with. It would feel like the worst that could happen just did – until you find out that your elderly relative had defrauded

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The Data Center: Stopping Cybercrime in its Tracks

Stopping Cybercrime in its TrackGuest column by Ryan Wilk, Director of Customer Success. Read the full column at The Data Center.November 17, 2014 -- NoGlobal business-to-consumer e-commerce sales are expected to reach $1.47 trillion in 2014, a rise of nearly 20% from last year, according to eMarketer. That’s good news for companies that offer products and services online—but it’s only half of the equation. The other half is the fact that fraudsters are lined up to exploit this growing market.

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