NuData Analyzes Behaviors to Stop Automated Fraud Attacks & Identify Fake Customers Inside the Firewall

Black Swan | April 30, 2020 –Like many people forced to working from home due to the Coronavirus, I’ve been educating myself on the subject of infectious viruses. And reading the on-line literature, I notice many parallels between the behavior of viruses and that of criminal organizations who commit fraud.

“Well, in this story, we turn to another vital area of identity verification: behavioral analysis. And joining us to discuss this subject is Robert Capps, VP of Market Innovation for NuData Security, a Mastercard company. Robert provides great detail on some key issues: 1) the importance of behavioral analysis — even when the device identity is known; 2) the challenge of detecting human-like automation by the fraudsters; and 3) the reasons why an analysis of browser level activity delivers an extra edge in identifying fraud attacks.”
For the complete interview with Robert Capps, go here.